Hey Hawks fans, Russell Wilson here,

I’m blogging today on behalf of the Seahawks to tell the 12th man about some upcoming events at CenturyLink Field. If you love the Seahawks like I do come out and get some new ink before the November 23rd game against the Arizona Cardinals fans can get a Seahawks tattoo for only 20 dollars! There will be various designs for fans to choose from, and I might get one myself since I’m planning on being here for awhile. I will also be doing a Twitter takeover on the Saturday before the Cardinals game at 12pm, tweet to the Seahawks account with your questions and #Dangeruss. I’ll be answering questions on Twitter for an hour so be sure to join me @Seahawks on Saturday November 22nd from 12 to 1pm.

On Sunday December, 14th against our biggest division rival the 49ers, Guinness World Records will be at CenturyLink Field as you, our great fans try to re-break the Guinness World Record for loudest crowd roar. This is another chance for the 12th man to make history, so come out and be louder than ever and put Seattle back atop the record books! If we do break the world record fans will be given a discount on tickets at a future game which is only more incentive to get loud Hawks fans.


Sunday was a huge win against the Giants, moving us to 6-3 on the season. The defense played great and Marshawn went into absolute BEASTMODE scoring four touchdowns. I just want to thank the best fans in the league, the “12th man” who come out every home game and make Seattle the toughest place to play in the National Football League.

As we enter the second half of the season we need the support of the 12th man than ever as we try to bring another Super Bowl to Seattle. If we are going to Re-Pete in 2014 it will be because of the 12th man and the best of field advantage in football! Our final three home games are against all of the Hawks NFC West division rivals, and we need CenturyLink Field louder than ever as we make our playoff push!








This is not Russell Wilson and has not affiliation with the Seahawks, just a school project.

Volunteer Reflection

Last Saturday my Sports Events and Entertainment class volunteered at the Central Florida Heart Walk on UCF’s campus. We arrived at 4:30am to begin helping with the event set up, starting by prepping each sponsors tent before they arrived. We did things such as set up tables, blew up balloons, and stocked each tent with water. As people arrived we were asked to hand out free sunglasses to the participants before the walk began. After people finished the walk we rode around campus and picked up of the signs from the walk as well as the trash. Finally we broke down all of the tables and stacked the chairs for pickup after the event had ended.


Banner Introduction

I recently created my first ever banner for The Orlando Original, which is my blog for all things Magic as well as sports in general. I used Adobe Illustrator to create my logo, which is a blue basketball with black accents and white lettering. The background of the banner is a picture of some bubble glass that I took in my digital photography class. The middle of the banner reads “blogging about:” kind of like the “now showing” sign at the movies. Underneath I used free transform and tilted the word “sports” and then painted a box around it to give the feel that it had been stamped on. In the bottom right corner of the banner is my Twitter handle incase my readers want to follow me, above that is a picture of my face so my readers feel like they are talking to me in person.


Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.29.57 PM

UGA vs. UF

UGA vs. UF

This picture could be posted on the UGA Twitter page before the game telling fans to tune in early and see the band perform in the pre-game. This is a first person picture from the perspective of a Georgia fan, so it could also be used on the team website under the fan page or game photo’s.

UGA vs. UF


This could be a picture for either team’s Facebook cover photo, it was taken at the beginning of the 4th quarter as the beautiful Jacksonville sun begins to set and shows the stadium split down the middle with orange & blue on one side and red & black on the other. I could also see it being the Saturday afternoon/night main picture on the ESPN.com front page as well.