1935 Masters ” The Shot Heard Round the World”

Andrew Mansfield


He’s done it!, Gene “The Squire” Sarazen has completed the career grand slam by winning this weekends Masters in a thirty-six hole playoff against Craig Wood. He handled Woods challenge with great ease, winning the playoff by five strokes. It was a gorgeous Georgia afternoon in March and the spring flowers were in full bloom, Augusta is a course full of breath taking landscapes and challenging pin positions. The greatness of “The Squire” shined most on the fifteenth hole in the final round Sunday. The dimples of the golf ball glistened in the sunlight as Gene addressed the ball. Down by three strokes with four holes left to play, Sarazen stepped to the tee box on the par five fifteen needing at least birdie to keep his faint hopes alive. After hitting his tee shot right down the pipe he was left with 235 yards to the cup, his caddie suggested a three wood but Sarazen wanted to go for it, he took his four wood and addressed the ball. Gene Sarazen made pure contact and the ball disappeared into the blue afternoon sky when it came down it took one bounce on the dance floor and took off rolling. It was as if the ball had eyes for the cup, rolling some fifty feet before dropping into the hole. I’ve never seen such a shot at the Masters or any tournament for that matter and the crowd expressed pure jubilation for “The Squire”. After winning the playoff by five strokes, I can safely say that Sarazen’s shot on fifteen was a lucky shot, but still a masterful one. The amazing comeback he completed might never be accomplished again at any level, but if your down 3 with 4 to play an albatross is a good place to start.