Evolution of media

The evolution of media since the radio broadcasts of the 1920’s to the multiple screen watching we do now has been as drastic as any in the time period. When T.V. broadcasts were introduced, there was maybe one or two games on each weekend. Now you can see every game in every sport via the many different platforms that are provided. Sports coverage went from Newspaper, to Radio, to T.V. in a span of thirty years, and the last decade the options that are available have grown at an even fast rate. In the early 2000’s T.V. was still the main source for media coverage, a little more than ten years later now we are constantly being updated by the second via our cellphones, tablets, and computers as well as the television still being a big part of media. In this age of instant gratification people don’t have to wait to hear a result, we are consumers of information at a rate never seen before. People have developed an addiction to being in the “know” when it comes to sports and the real world thanks to the massive evolution of media. We download personalized apps to tell us all the details and rumors concerning our favorite teams or players. The evolution of media has taken the privacy out of sports and life in general, everybody knows what everyone’s doing 24/7, what their eating, who their dating, etc. At the end of the day theres good things and bad things about the evolution of media, but personally I enjoy the constant streaming of information that is provided and am excited to see what evolution takes place in the next decade and on.