Citi Field

Citi Field

Citi Field located in Flushing Meadows, NY has been the home of the New York Mets since 2009 and has a capacity of over 45,000. Citigroup and the Mets signed a twenty year four hundred million dollar deal to obtain the naming rights for Citi Field. Citigroup caught a lot of flack after signing the mega-deal, due to the fact that they had recently laid off 50,000 employees.


MNF Week 1 Assignment

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For my Media Properties & Revenue Generation assignment I chose ABC’s weekly T.V. broadcast, Monday Night Football. 2013 happens to be the 44th anniversary of MNF’s first ever game. September 21st, 1970 was a night that forever changed the history of sports broadcasting. The Cleveland Browns defeated the New York Jets 31-21and America was introduced to future Hall of Fame Broadcaster, Howard Cosell. In 2006, after thirty-six years on ABC, the broadcast moved to ESPN which is part of the Walt Disney family. After five seasons, ESPN signed a new deal with the NFL paying out 15.2 billion dollars over eight years, giving the rights to ESPN through 2021. ESPN already owned the highest per month price on cable bills at $4.69 and this new Monday Night Football contract worried many that ESPN would add an “NFL Premium” to their staggering cable bill pricing. Advertising revenue for MNF is around 200 million annually which is about 600 million less than NBC and FOX get for their Sunday broadcasts. They use the high carriage fee of nearly five dollars per cable bill to make up for that major difference in advertising sales and revenue. ESPN decided to stand pat with their current cable pricing with 98 percent of cable providers in America offering ESPN to it’s customers they didn’t want to ruffle feathers, but as a reference the second highest price on monthly cable bills was TNT at $1.16. A thirty second advertisement on Monday Night Football currently ranges from $325,000 to $400,000 which generates most of the 200 million in annual advertising revenue. Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi, and Gatorade are three of the biggest spot advertisers for the NFL with over 1.3 billion dollars in commitments to the league. A study showed that if ESPN didn’t carry MNF they would lose 54% of their viewership on Monday night, which might be the reason why the pay twice as much as others to broadcast the NFL. ESPN pays nearly 2 billion dollars annually compared to $720 million for FOX, $620 million for CBS, and $603 million for NBC, yet another reason why they charge so much on each cable bill. At the end of the day ESPN might pay the NFL a kings ransom to broadcast games, but with the revenue from advertisements, sponsors, and cable companies is definitely paying serious dividends.



Evolution of media

The evolution of media since the radio broadcasts of the 1920’s to the multiple screen watching we do now has been as drastic as any in the time period. When T.V. broadcasts were introduced, there was maybe one or two games on each weekend. Now you can see every game in every sport via the many different platforms that are provided. Sports coverage went from Newspaper, to Radio, to T.V. in a span of thirty years, and the last decade the options that are available have grown at an even fast rate. In the early 2000’s T.V. was still the main source for media coverage, a little more than ten years later now we are constantly being updated by the second via our cellphones, tablets, and computers as well as the television still being a big part of media. In this age of instant gratification people don’t have to wait to hear a result, we are consumers of information at a rate never seen before. People have developed an addiction to being in the “know” when it comes to sports and the real world thanks to the massive evolution of media. We download personalized apps to tell us all the details and rumors concerning our favorite teams or players. The evolution of media has taken the privacy out of sports and life in general, everybody knows what everyone’s doing 24/7, what their eating, who their dating, etc. At the end of the day theres good things and bad things about the evolution of media, but personally I enjoy the constant streaming of information that is provided and am excited to see what evolution takes place in the next decade and on.

1935 Masters ” The Shot Heard Round the World”

Andrew Mansfield


He’s done it!, Gene “The Squire” Sarazen has completed the career grand slam by winning this weekends Masters in a thirty-six hole playoff against Craig Wood. He handled Woods challenge with great ease, winning the playoff by five strokes. It was a gorgeous Georgia afternoon in March and the spring flowers were in full bloom, Augusta is a course full of breath taking landscapes and challenging pin positions. The greatness of “The Squire” shined most on the fifteenth hole in the final round Sunday. The dimples of the golf ball glistened in the sunlight as Gene addressed the ball. Down by three strokes with four holes left to play, Sarazen stepped to the tee box on the par five fifteen needing at least birdie to keep his faint hopes alive. After hitting his tee shot right down the pipe he was left with 235 yards to the cup, his caddie suggested a three wood but Sarazen wanted to go for it, he took his four wood and addressed the ball. Gene Sarazen made pure contact and the ball disappeared into the blue afternoon sky when it came down it took one bounce on the dance floor and took off rolling. It was as if the ball had eyes for the cup, rolling some fifty feet before dropping into the hole. I’ve never seen such a shot at the Masters or any tournament for that matter and the crowd expressed pure jubilation for “The Squire”. After winning the playoff by five strokes, I can safely say that Sarazen’s shot on fifteen was a lucky shot, but still a masterful one. The amazing comeback he completed might never be accomplished again at any level, but if your down 3 with 4 to play an albatross is a good place to start.